Using A.I. assistance decreases interview no-shows and fills hard-to-hire positions.

The Company

tru by Hilton is part of a collection of ten hotels scattered around the greater areas of North and South Carolina. Adjacent to an airport, tru by Hilton requires around-the-clock staffing to deliver a superior level of service and remain operationally efficient.

Management at tru by Hilton found administrative tasks like resume reading, candidate vetting, and interview setup to be difficult to manage on top of their busy and unpredictable schedules, which led to delays in candidate outreach. The HR team used job boards and their corporate website for posting job vacancies, but they lacked features for tracking cross-data like interview schedules and contact history, leading to coordination problems.

Turning to a solution that could relieve management of administrative tasks, Hilton partnered with LANDED to streamline their hiring, increase candidate engagement, and staff hard-to-fill positions, like housekeeping and front desk.

What were the biggest pain points for tru by Hilton with recruiting and why?

Highlight 1: Streamlined Hiring Process and Time Efficiency

Hilton’s former hiring process required management to check their emails for applications, review resumes, and then call applicants for further screening and interview arrangements. This approach was time-consuming and often led to delays in reaching out to candidates, sometimes taking days.

LANDED’s generative A.I. automated the initial contact and follow-up stages, drastically reducing the time to schedule interviews. Hilton replaced email and phone calls with LANDED’s personalized, automated SMS messages, which contacted, screened, and scheduled qualified candidates for an interview within 24 hours of applying for a job. Management reported saving 8+ hours each week that were previously spent on these hiring tasks, increasing overall productivity.

tru by Hilton case study

increase in scheduled interviews a week
increase in interview attendance rates
increase in successful housekeeping hires
increase in successful front desk hires
hours saved a week

“With this program in the last few months, we might have hired 12 people overall for the housekeeping department. So it's five times more effective than what I was doing on my own."

Jon-Brandon Giamattei
General Manager
tru by Hilton

Highlight 2: Enhanced Candidate Engagement and Show-up Rates

Management at Hilton found difficulty following up with their applicants on top of managing their already busy schedules. Follow-ups were previously conducted over email and text message, with no formal streamlined solution to manage these communications. This led to scheduling conflicts and miscommunications, ultimately driving fewer scheduled interviews and and many more missed interviews.

Streamlining communications over SMS with a clear, written chat history provided candidates with clarity regarding interview details, ensuring vital information like interview date/time and venue address was easily accessible. Automated SMS follow-ups were also sent to candidates reminding them of their interview. By leveraging SMS conversations and automated follow-ups, Hilton doubled both their number of interviews scheduled per week and their interview attendance rates, ultimately driving a 500% and 133% increase in housekeeping and front desk hires, respectively.

"LANDED is essentially an admin employee that's taking care of setting up our meetings, getting a hold of people, reaching out. Having that extra employee has made that difference for us."

Jon-Brandon Giamattei
General Manager
tru by Hilton

Highlight 3: Improved Tracking and Coordination Among Hiring Teams

Before leveraging LANDED, there was no centralized system to track candidate interactions, leading to confusion and duplicated efforts among team members.

LANDED provided a unified view of all candidate interactions, ensuring that each candidate was only contacted once and that all team members were aware of the status of each candidate. This coordination helped avoid redundancy and ensured a smoother hiring process.

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