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Find the best fit for the job through LANDED, no matter the position

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Hiring made simple

Hiring is in our DNA. It’s what we do. We apply extensive screening criteria so you can find the right person to make your business a success, no matter the expertise

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Customizable vetting

Stop wasting your time on non-qualified candidates. Our generative A.I. finds candidates based on your exact hiring needs - whether that’s a special skill set, shift availability, or even personality. The result - only quality candidates in the door


Cost-effective hiring

Hiring good talent can get expensive. Candidates that come through LANDED are pre-screened to your exact hiring needs


Talent acquisition strategy

Gain a competitive edge with our industry news insights and trends. Access our proven job specifications and compensation research to attract candidates cost-effectively


“Almost 90-95% of LANDED candidates showed up for interviews whereas more than half of them weren't showing up before. During this very difficult time of finding high quality candidates, LANDED has completely relieved our managers from that task, with immediate results.”

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candidates showed up for interviews

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Focus on the real work and let LANDED simplify your hiring
Make your hiring decisions & focus on being a stellar operator
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LANDED makes hiring easy, fast and fun while delivering best candidates
Save 60 hours per month consumed by the hiring process
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