KFC, Burger King and Jimmy John’s partner with LANDED to reduce ad spend

Front Range Holdings is a division of MBN Brands, the nation’s 7th largest franchisee/holding company by locations, and a leading franchisee of 160 Jimmy John’s, KFC, and Burger King restaurants. Seeing low success with job ads, Front Range Holdings sought a cost-effective solution to automate and optimize their hiring processes. They turned to LANDED to supercharge their hiring, enabling Front Range Holdings to increase qualified candidate volume while decreasing the workload on their recruitment teams.

interviewed-to-hire rate
4 days
average time-to-hire
8 hours
time saved for each GM per week
less ad spend compared to direct competitors
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Front Range Holdings learned paid Indeed job boosting to be ineffective and struggled to staff its stores in more rural areas. ”In September, a $16,000 invoice from Indeed hit my desk and we weren’t managing it well,” explains Jacob Leffel, Head of Human Resources.

Managing ads while balancing day-to-date responsibilities left Front Range Holdings General Managers overwhelmed unable to efficiently generate candidate volume. Further, the job applicants they did receive typically ghosted their interviews or were unqualified for their role.


Front Range Holdings partnered with LANDED to increase its speed to hire and make more hires per job boost. Leveraging Speed, Front Range Holdings was able to instantaneously contact every candidate in 15 minutes or less, which ensured that no talent slipped through the cracks. Using LANDED’s Generative AI, Front Range Holdings were able to identify qualified candidates without the oversight of a General Manager, lessening their workload while still delivering quality results.


Leveraging LANDED allowed Front Range Holdings to optimize the value of an Indeed boost by ensuring rapid, AI-driven outreach, improving hiring efficiency and reducing the need for subsequent ad postings. Through our partnership, Front Range Holdings brought down their average time-to-hire from 12 days to 4 days and now only spends 13% on ads of what the average franchisee spends to drive the same results. Our partnership also yielded a 20% interview-to-hire rate, which is double the industry average and a testament to LANDED’s ability to determine qualified candidates and decrease interview no-shows.

“As soon as we boosted, there were 15 delivery driver and 7 shift manager interviews scheduled over the next 2-3 days,” said Garret Foster, Area Manager of Front Range Holding’s Jimmy John stores. “The flow was instantaneous.”

“It would be very beneficial to open up LANDED at all of my stores in the long run; we are getting high quality candidates who want to work.”

Chaise Bryant
District Manager
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