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Our customizable screening allows you to “screen up” or “screen down” candidates to ensure that every one of them fits your exact hiring needs. You can easily optimize for quality or quantity. It’s that simple

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Scale for quality or quantity

Easily customize your hiring criteria at the per role per location level to find candidates that meet your exact hiring needs


Optimize job add boosting

No need to waste so much money on hiring when you can find exactly what you need when you need them


Cost per applications go WAY down

Reduce the number of unsuitable applications coming through by filtering out everyone who isn’t an exact match


"For staffing, I think we're in a really good place. We've hired our quota, which includes over staffing for opening since we anticipate some fallout. We've got a lot of really good quality candidates from LANDED so we're in really good shape for a successful opening.”

Robert LaPata - Topanga Social
Robert LaPata
Head of Operations
Topanga Social

of original hiring goal reached

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Don’t waste time, don’t waste money, ever again
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