LANDED for Operations Leaders

Work smarter,
not harder

Operations leaders trust LANDED to help their teams hire more efficiently and get time back in their day

Trusted by 500+ restaurants, hospitality groups, and retailers
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Helping operations run their teams more efficiently

Operations leaders can’t keep up

Your General Managers are busy with day-to-day tasks in addition to helping on the floor with guest experience and operations like bussing, food running, order taking. Your managers don't have time for outdated menial hiring processes. That's why 500+ top brands use LANDED to take care of getting you staffed.
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Why operations leaders trust LANDED


A streamlined recruiting solution

Take care of everything from “Hi!” to “Hired!” from one, easy-to-use platform that integrates seamlessly with all of your existing hiring systems to make hiring easier than ever


Save your Managers time

We can handle all of your job posting, read resumes, screen candidates, and schedule them for interviews so your managers can get back to focusing on guests


No new systems

We integrate with your existing applicant tracking system, HRIS, email, and calendar, so your managers do not need to learn anything new


“A huge thank you to LANDED. For the first time in almost 3 years, I'm finally starting to build a strong team, and LANDED has provided us with some really strong candidates without me needing to do all the day-to-day recruiting tasks anymore.”

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Leann Morgan
General Manager
Tim Hortons
31 hours
saved each week on hiring tasks for all GMs
candidates were engaged with and vetted over 4 months
more efficient cost per hire

Trusted by 500+ top brands

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Save 60 hours per month consumed by the hiring process
Ready to start hiring? Just hit book a demo — no more manual work
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