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Using our data you’ll automatically receive the best candidates. No ifs. No buts

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Data-backed hiring with Intelligent Match

Our proprietary Intelligent Match algorithm has analyzed an incredible amount of data points to understand your hiring profile and only sources candidates that fit your exact hiring criteria, freeing you up to deal with only the right candidates by sourcing and optimizing your funnel automatically

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Build your hiring funnel

No more wasted time. No more wasted money. Accurately predict your funnel and efficiently acquire your talent


Speed to match

Matches happen throughout the day. Active candidates apply. Passive candidates get matches. It’s seamless


Matching capability

More data leads to more insights, which leads to better candidate sourcing. It’s that simple


"My time spent on scheduling & performing interviews has been cut in half by utilizing the LANDED app for most of my communications, compared to using Indeed.”

Eric S - Grocery Outlet
Eric S
Grocery Outlet

hours saved on hiring each week

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