LANDED for Finance Leaders

Get the most out of your spend

Finance teams trust LANDED to staff quicker without increasing overhead or program spend

Trusted by 500+ restaurants, hospitality groups, and retailers
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Improving Metrics that Matter

The “hiring at all costs” era is over

Hiring departments can’t keep throwing more money at problems right now. They need to get more value and efficiency. That’s where LANDED comes in
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A Must-Have for Finance Teams


Reduce costs and unqualified candidate pipeline

We lower salary costs by joining your marketing and hiring team to oversee campaigns and candidate engagement


See real ROI

Candidates that come through us must match your exact hiring criteria. That way, only quality candidates are walking through your doors


Eliminate wasted spend

We actively monitor and optimize your ad spend so your dollars are only being invested into your top-performing campaigns


"With LANDED, we saw 251% cost savings! Plus, LANDED takes over everything in the hiring funnel from sourcing to vetting to interview scheduling, meaning my team does not need to worry about anything but holding the interview and making the offer."

Hegel Hei
Hegel Hei
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
cost savings when switching to LANDED
8+ hours
saved on hiring tasks each week
6 mins
time it takes LANDED to respond to candidates

Trusted by 500+ top brands

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Save 60 hours per month consumed by the hiring process.
Ready to start hiring? Just hit book a demo — no more manual work
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Trusted by 500+ restaurants and hospitality groups
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