Multi-Lingual Hiring

Hire in any language, all of them

Communicate with your candidates in their preferred language to guarantee the best personalized experience

Trusted by 500+ restaurants, hospitality groups, and retailers
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Customized candidate experience

LANDED speaks with candidates in any of their preferred languages to ensure a perfect candidate experience

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All languages supported

Our Generative A.I. can respond to inquiries and have personalized conversations with all candidates, no matter the language


All communication formats supported

SMS text message, in-app, email - we reach candidates wherever they are


Better candidate experience

Messaging candidates in their preferred language means you will see higher hiring conversion rates and position you as a dynamic preferred employer


“I’m able to easily engage with & sort potential candidates prior to an interview, allowing me to have a good idea about each person’s interview potential prior to meeting. Big time saver! With LANDED, I’m at 1 hire for every 3 interviews vs. 1 hire for every 10 interviews before.”

Eric S - Grocery Outlet
Eric S
Grocery Outlet

interviewed are hired

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Focus on the real work and let LANDED simplify your hiring
Make your hiring decisions & focus on being a stellar operator
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For all of your staffing needs

LANDED makes hiring easy, fast and fun while delivering best candidates.
Save 60 hours per month consumed by the hiring process
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