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The Company

Grocery Outlet (GO) is a chain of 340+ supermarkets that offers discounted, overstocked, and closeout products from name brand and private label suppliers.

GO Ventura started working with LANDED in mid-2020 after experiencing challenges with sourcing high-quality candidates quickly enough. Experiencing rapid growth, GO needed a time-efficient way to access a higher volume of A+ candidates, and other recruiting platforms weren‘t cutting it.

Grocery Outlet Ventura needed to fill the talent pipeline quickly.

As a high-volume business, GO always has hiring needs for front-of-house and back-of-house roles like cashiers and stockers to ensure a clean shopping environment and top-notch customer service. This means hiring hard- workers who have great attitudes and can work in a fast-paced environment.

As the Owner/Operator, Eric was not receiving enough high-quality candidates and was spending excessive time on hiring. This took time away from improving supermarket operational excellence. Existing platforms weren‘t cutting it. Only 25% of people showed up for interviews after having to screen hundreds of resumes, wasting Eric‘s time and giving him even more manual work.

GO needed a solution to source and vet candidates quickly to fill the talent pipeline. That‘s when LANDED got in touch with GO.

LANDED helped GO‘s Ventura location hire 5 candidates in their first couple weeks with us.

Grocery Outlet case study

hires in first couple weeks in Ventura store
interviewed are hired
fewer candidate interview no-shows
hours saved on hiring each week

Highlight 1: A+ candidates with Intelligent Matching™

50% of Interviewed Candidates are Hired

95% Matching Accuracy – Using Technology to Measure 100+ Data Points

3x Quality Improvement in Applications for Hard-to-Fill FOH/BOH Positions

LANDED‘s intelligent matching™ ensures hiring managers connect with top candidates who suit their needs.

Within 1 week on our platform, we screened thousands of applicants to provide GO Ventura with 96 vetted matches.

We don‘t rely on resumes. Resumes alone are not sufficient in assessing candidates on what Eric wanted: great customer service, hard-working attitude, and attention to detail.

Rather, LANDED candidates submit four 15 second videos answering introductory questions. LANDED intelligent matching™ then assesses candidate videos on 100+ data points to accurately match candidates. This eliminated dozens of hours of work for Eric.

"I’m able to easily engage with & sort potential candidates prior to an interview, allowing me to have a good idea about each person’s interview potential prior to meeting. Big time saver! With LANDED, I’m at 1 hire for every 3 interviews vs. 1 hire for every 10 interviews before.

I’m looking forward to using the new LANDED Employer Insights dashboard as well to help. Love the top candidate highlights which will help me also focus my time."

Eric S - Grocery Outlet
Eric S.
Grocery Outlet Ventura

Highlight 2: Interview Tools & Automations

With LANDED, 85% of Candidates Show Up to Interviews

4X more LANDED Candidates Show Up for Interviews

LANDED sends calendar invites to candidates and an automated confirmation once the interview has been scheduled. We also automatically send 1-day prior and day-of reminders to candidates via push notifications, email, and SMS. This helped Eric save hours of time organizing interviews and improved the rate of interview attendance to 4X more than existing platforms.

"My time spent on scheduling & performing interviews has been cut in half by utilizing the LANDED app for most of my communications, compared to using Indeed."

Eric S - Grocery Outlet
Eric S.
Grocery Outlet Ventura

Highlight 3: Time-saving, Seamless User Experiences

Automatically message Candidates via push notifications, SMS, and email

Saved 10+ Hours per week with LANDED‘s Messaging & Reminder Automations

LANDED handles the heavy lifting with automated and customizable messages to candidates to cut out manual work.

Folders to label, sort, and organize talent meant Eric was always on top of his candidate pipeline. Job posting is also simple, with LANDED automatically pulling job titles and descriptions from GO‘s website.

LANDED automatically sends hiring manager messages to candidates via push notifications, SMS, and email. This makes the entire process of managing the talent pipeline easy and efficient for GO.

"I can stay up to date with new candidates on my phone with notifications on the app, which seamlessly integrates with how I am already using my phone with emails, text, and social media.

I receive a continued flow of new potential candidates without having to close and then open a new job posting, saving me time, as well as not having to re-sort my candidates in the new posting"

Eric S - Grocery Outlet
Eric S.
Grocery Outlet Ventura
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