Get 95% of your scheduled interviewees to show up, like Blaze Riviera did

The Company

Riviera Blaze is a multi-location Blaze Pizza franchise in Southern California. In addition to facing significant challenges in hiring quality candidates for its operations, the company struggled with high rates of interview no-shows. Looking for a solution to help source stronger candidates and decrease interview no-shows, Riviera Blaze turned to LANDED.

Key Statistics and Results

1. Improved Interview Attendance: Management at Blaze Riviera faced challenges in coordinating interviews and follow-up communications with applicants while juggling their busy work schedules. Previously, these follow-ups were handled through emails without a unified and efficient system in place. This approach led to confusion in scheduling and miscommunications, resulting in fewer interviews being scheduled and an increase in missed interviews.

LANDED optimized Blaze Riviera’s coordination and follow-up issues by streamlining all of its communications through SMS, which ensured that information like interview date, time, and location was easily accessible to candidates. Automated SMS reminders were also sent to candidates prior to the interview. By leveraging SMS to automate interview reminders and provide candidates with clear, accessible information pertaining to interviews, Blaze Riviera experienced a 95% interview show-up rate.

2. Accelerated Hiring Rate: Prior to leveraging LANDED. Riviera Blaze's hiring pace was sluggish, with the company making only one hire approximately every two to three weeks. Post-implementation, the hiring rate accelerated remarkably. Within three days of starting with LANDED, Riviera Blaze successfully made five new hires, showcasing LANDED’s effectiveness in quickly connecting employers with qualified candidates.

3. Responsive and Customized Service: The LANDED team provided personalized and prompt support to Riviera Blaze. Owner/Operator Ben Salehi highlighted the responsiveness of LANDED, mentioning that a request to focus more on hiring team members over assistant managers was addressed within 2-3 minutes. This adaptability and quick response time by LANDED underscored its role as a crucial extension of the Riviera Blaze team, aiding in efficient staffing tailored to the company's specific needs.

Blaze Pizza case study

Interview show-up rate from candidates sourced by LANDED
Increase in qualified hires
3 Minutes
the average response time from customer support

“Almost 90-95% of LANDED candidates showed up for interviews whereas more than half of them weren’t showing up before. During this very difficult time of finding high quality applicants, LANDED has completely relieved our managers from that task, with immediate results.”

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