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Steve Young
District Manager
Soulman’s Bar-B-Que

“I just want to make a comment. There's been a couple interviews that I've had to reschedule. Just replying to that calendar invite, it goes to your support team and they're very very responsive in redirecting or rescheduling. It's actually quite impressive compared to some of the responses we've got in the past from recruiters. So, kudos to y’all for being so responsive and getting those rescheduled when requested.“

Jon-Brandon Giamattei
General Manager
tru by Hilton

"We have two hotels over there, one’s a Hampton and the other is a Candlewood Suites. It's taken a load off my plate. The AI is effective there and I've spoken highly of it there, especially with the time to hire ratio too. Our interview-to-hire ratio there is a lot higher than the rest of the company too, I can guarantee it. I'm a believer, it's been working effectively for us.”

Bobby G.
Director of Operations
Mighty Quinn’s

LANDED does very well for us. We're consistently getting a good flow of candidates. We're hiring consistently when we need.

Josh Cook
Vice President of Operations
Fat Sals

"We have so many interviews. It's great. I spoke with our General Manager and she was talking about how high quality the interviews have been so far as well."

General Manager
Bludso’s BBQ

"We were amazed by the volume of candidates that were coming in right from the get go. It saved us so much hassle because we gave LANDED a budget to find candidates, and they got everything done for us well ahead of the start of training!”

Annelisa Robarge
People Operations Manager

"We were looking for some sort of resource that we could plug in easily to help us with those kitchens that we were struggling with. We were pushing our capacity with a lot of turnover issues that needed immediate attention. We were looking for a quick one-stop shop for this urgent hiring need and that turned out to be LANDED.”

Kyle Cano
Director of Operations

“Since joining LANDED, we have seen a reduction in interview no-shows of 25% and our turnover has reduced by 20%. While these are great improvements, it is all overshadowed by the level of customer service the LANDED team provides! LANDED has become my recruiter and has given me back time in my day while also increasing my application flow.”

Leann Morgan
General Manager
Tim Hortons

“A huge thank you to LANDED. For the first time in almost 3 years, I'm finally starting to build a strong team, and LANDED has provided us some really strong candidates without me needing to do all the day-to-day recruiting tasks anymore.”

Ben Salehi
Blaze Pizza Franchise

“Almost 90-95% of LANDED candidates showed up for interviews whereas more than half of them weren't showing up before. During this very difficult time of finding high quality applicants, LANDED has completely relieved our managers from that task, with immediate results.”

Tina M
Talent Acquisition Manager

“We have seen quality candidates from LANDED in locations that we normally struggle with. A few of our restaurants have used other recruiting sources that have brought unqualified candidates forward for review. With LANDED those locations have seen candidates that are better qualified for the position.”

Zach Bodnarchuk
Talent Acquisition Manager
Red Robin

“LANDED has given us an edge by enabling us to identify the best-fit candidates, engage with them very quickly, and be the first restaurant to get them in for an interview - which drastically increases our hiring success rate. And it’s done all this while reducing the amount of time our managers spend on hiring by about half. We are thrilled with the results.”

Eric S
Grocery Outlet

“I’m able to easily engage with & sort potential candidates prior to an interview, allowing me to have a good idea about each person’s interview potential prior to meeting. Big time saver! With LANDED, I’m at 1 hire for every 3 interviews vs. 1 hire for every 10 interviews before.”

Matt E

“I used various platforms like Indeed and some others. We decided to use LANDED because of the ease of communication and the ability to have a quick response to candidates who were serious about the opportunity. LANDED seems to generate better responses than any other method of communication.”

Robert LaPata
Head of Operations
Topanga Social

“For staffing, I think we're in a really good place. We've hired our quota, which includes over staffing for opening since we anticipate some fallout. We've got a lot of really good quality candidates from LANDED so we're in really good shape for a successful opening.”

Ani Sheikh
Director of People & Culture

“LANDED has saved me so much time. Getting those hours back that I was spending on engaging, vetting and scheduling interviews with candidates, has allowed me to focus on our current team, ensuring they have what they need to succeed.”

Hegel Hei
Founder & CEO

“With LANDED, we saw 251% cost savings! Plus, LANDED takes over everything in the hiring funnel from sourcing to vetting to interview scheduling, meaning my team does not need to worry about anything but holding the interview and making the offer.”

Bobby Reedy
Director of Finance & Strategy
Tim Hortons

“I really think LANDED has one of the best interfaces and ease of use products that we’ve tried to roll out with our team. The level of customer support LANDED provides is also a differentiator.”