Seamless Integration and Streamlined Recruitment: How LANDED Transformed Hiring for TooJay's

The Company

TooJay's is Florida's favorite NY-style deli & restaurant chain. They began with a single location on the island of Palm Beach in 1981. The brand was born out of the passion for creating classic recipes and flavors of an authentic deli served with lots of love and amazing hospitality. TooJay's owns and operates 22 locations, a commissary kitchen, bakery, warehouse and support center for a total of 26 centers of recruitment. LANDED has partnered with 2 of their locations in Boca Glades and Ocoee, Florida to help relieve recruiting tasks from the general managers so they can focus on team retention and the customer experience.

With an operation like TooJay’s, it can be quite the feat to rollout new technology. In this case study, we explore LANDED’s capability to work in tandem with TooJay's existing applicant tracking system, PeopleMatter. With this implementation, LANDED continues to drive value without General Managers needing to learn a new system.

Biggest Pain Points for TooJay's before LANDED:

1. General Managers (GMs) unable to reach out to candidates due to bandwidth constraints
GMs operating TooJay’s locations are swamped with day-to-day responsibilities, making it difficult for them to focus on recruitment. Candidates could be waiting on a reply from the GM for days. In this hiring market, waiting even a day to respond means candidates may have moved on to the restaurant next door or down the street only because they responded soonest.

2. High interview no-show rates, upwards of 80%

TooJay’s found it difficult to get candidates to show up to interviews. Whether it was due to too much time elapsing between the apply date and interview date or lack of interview reminders, TooJay’s was looking for a solution to improve candidate show rates to interviews.

3. Difficulty sorting through candidates from multiple acquisition sources to find quality employees
Candidates could apply to TooJay’s from a multitude of channels - Indeed, Seasoned, PeopleMatter, etc. - and it was the GMs responsibility to stay on top of all the channels, reach out to candidates, vet them, and schedule interviews. Imagine maintaining these different channels and running a store, that’s a lot to do!

TooJay's case study

more efficient cost per hire
of candidates who applied were interviewed
4 hours
from a candidate expressing interest to scheduling an interview
text messages sent to candidates, saving over 120 hours for TooJay's hiring managers

"The integration with our existing ATS, PeopleMatter, has been seamless. GMs can now focus on other important tasks, knowing that LANDED is taking care of candidate communication."

Esther Fox
Talent Consultant

Key Value Drivers

1. Seamless integration with existing ATS

LANDED seamlessly integrated with TooJay's existing ATS, PeopleMatter, eliminating the need for GMs to learn a new system. This made implementation easy and efficient. GMs continue to manage the hiring decisions and move candidates forward in the hiring funnel in PeopleMatter.

2. Enhanced candidate communication

LANDED provided a centralized platform for communication with candidates from various acquisition channels, ensuring consistent and timely engagement throughout the hiring process.

3. Improved quality of hires

By implementing pre-screening and vetting processes, LANDED helped TooJay's identify and hire higher-quality candidates, leading to more successful placements.

How did LANDED help solve these problems?

LANDED, a recruitment assistance tool, was implemented to address TooJay’s recruitment challenges, effectively tackling the pain points and providing the following solutions:

1. Saved time and enhanced candidate engagement
LANDED streamlined the process of sourcing and engaging with candidates from multiple channels, including Indeed and PeopleMatter. GMs no longer needed to manually follow up with candidates, which saved time and increased efficiency. All that's left for the hiring managers to do is make the hiring decision and move the candidate forward in the hiring funnel in PeopleMatter.

2. Improved interview no-show rates
LANDED used automated interview reminders, which reduced the no-show rate and ensured a higher attendance rate for scheduled interviews.

3. Sourced and vetted quality candidates
LANDED’s vetting of candidates before the interview stage ensured that only the most qualified candidates were considered for positions. This saved GMs time during the interview process and led to better employees in the long run!

"Thanks to LANDED's pre-screening capabilities, we have seen a remarkable improvement in the quality of candidates we interview and ultimately hire."

Esther Fox
Talent Consultant

LANDED's implementation at TooJay's has demonstrated significant improvements in recruitment efficiency, candidate quality, and overall hiring success. The automated features and seamless integration with existing systems have made the recruitment process more streamlined and effective. TooJay's can now focus on building a strong team to support their business growth.

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