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Growing Together with Tim Hortons — Bringing LANDED to 13 Locations in Under 6 Months

The Company

Kava Restaurants LLC, one of the leading Tim Horton's franchisee in Michigan, proudly operates 13 locations across the state. Kava’s mission is to be the “community cup of coffee”. The restaurant group cares about building authentic relationships with guests, while creating a sense of community and family for every guest and employee. Therefore, hiring candidates that fit this culture is a top priority for the Tim Horton’s franchisee.

As Kava Restaurants LLC's Tim Horton's locations in Michigan expanded, the need for a streamlined and efficient hiring process became evident. Traditional recruiting methods proved to be time-consuming and lacked the desired quality of candidates. Kava Restaurants LLC required a solution that could quickly and effectively fill open positions while ensuring a high standard of talent.

Recognizing the need for a digital solution, Kava Restaurants LLC partnered with LANDED in January 2023 at five locations. LANDED’s platform enables Kava Restaurants to engage candidates at a speed and scale that wasn’t possible before—even in locations and areas that have faced historical hiring difficulties. After seeing continued success, KAVA decided to rollout LANDED to all 13 managed locations.

What were the biggest pain points for Kava with recruiting and why?

Finding the right candidates in less densely-populated areas

Kava Restaurants operated across the state of Michigan, including some less densely-populated areas like Jackson and Brooklyn. In these regions with a smaller pool of potential candidates, finding the right individuals to join their teams became more challenging.

Engaging and scheduling interviews with candidates in a timely-manner

It is already time-consuming to operate a Tim Horton’s establishment, and Kava noticed its GMs were struggling to balance day-to-day operations with recruiting tasks. The need to coordinate and align schedules, especially when dealing with a large number of applicants, often leads to delays and inefficiencies.

Getting candidates to show up to interviews that were scheduled with GMs

Securing candidates' attendance for scheduled interviews proved to be a persistent challenge faced by Kava. Despite the efforts of GMs in arranging interviews, candidates often failed to show up, resulting in wasted time and resources.

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interviews booked over 4 months for 9 locations
candidates were engaged with and vetted over 4 months
more efficient cost per hire
<10 hours
from a candidate expressing interest to scheduling an interview
31 hours saved
each week on hiring tasks for all GMs

How did LANDED help solve these problems?

Broadened candidate pipeline by sourcing across 80+ job boards

With the ability to source candidates across various job boards, LANDED bolstered the applicant volume at all of Kava’s locations—including the less densely-populated locations. In sum, LANDED brought in over 2,500 applicants in under 6 months and helped keep all locations staffed at full or close-to-full staffing levels.

Streamlined the candidate engagement and vetting process

LANDED’s conversational A.I. excels at reaching out to candidates at scale with great speed. Every applicant message was responded to within 13 minutes, and the qualified candidates were offered an interview within nine hours of completing the application. The result of implementing LANDED was hundred of hours saved for Kava’s GMs.

Automated interview reminders to significantly decrease ghosting rates

Given that interview no-show is one of the biggest pain points in the hospitality industry, LANDED’s capability to automatically remind candidates of upcoming interviews has led to Kava seeing an 73% improvement to interview attendance rates over the last six months.

“I really think LANDED has one of the best interfaces and ease of use product that we’ve tried to roll out with our team. The level of customer support LANDED provide is also a differentiator. It’s really helpful and it’s really nice to know that if we come to you guys with an issue, you listen, act on it and try to improve the product.”

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Bobby Reedy
Director of Finance & Strategy
Tim Hortons

Given the rapid successes seen in the partnership, Kava has now onboarded all of its managed locations onto the LANDED platform. By incorporating LANDED, Kava’s GMs have had to worry less about recruiting and can now dedicate their expertise and energy towards operating their locations successfully.

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“A huge thank you to LANDED. For the first time in almost 3 years, I'm finally starting to build a strong team, and LANDED has provided us some really strong candidates without me needing to do all the day-to-day recruiting tasks anymore.”

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Leann Morgan
General Manager
Tim Hortons

It’s been a pleasure for the LANDED team to partner with Kava, and we can’t wait to bring more success to future expansion locations as well as more Tim Hortons franchisees.

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