Other Applicant Tracking Systems vs. LANDED: Streamlining the Recruitment Process.

The Company

Chinah is a new fast-casual concept determined to define a new generation of Chinese food in America. On the menu are dishes that are authentic, healthy, and affordable. Chinah currently owns and operates 4 locations in the Northeast US, specifically New York City and Jersey City, with future plans for expansion.

In this case study, we will explore what Chinah’s recruiting process looked like before LANDED and what it looks like after. Let’s take a closer look.

When Ani Sheikh, the Director of People & Culture at China, joined the Chinah team, there was a decentralized and inefficient recruitment process, relying on individual platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn. The absence of streamlined processes prompted the search for alternative technology solutions. This led to Chinah implementing a standard applicant tracking system.

Applicant Tracking System Implementation

Upon joining Chinah in January, Ani found a centralized solution in a typical applicant tracking system. However, she soon realized the complexity and extensive implementation process were not suited for Chinah’s unique recruiting needs. In addition, Ani still needed to sort through, vet, and engage with candidates, taking time away from team development and retention.

Chinah case study

hours saved on hiring tasks each week
cost savings when switching to LANDED
6 mins
time it takes LANDED to respond to candidates
Over 7K
text messages sent to candidates

“LANDED has saved me so much time. Getting those hours back that I was spending on engaging, vetting and scheduling interviews with candidates, has allowed me to focus on our current team, ensuring they have what they need to succeed.”

Ani Sheikh - Chinah
Ani Sheikh
Director of People & Culture

The Limitations of Typical Applicant Tracking Systems

Ani spent approximately an hour to an hour and a half each day reviewing applications and scheduling interviews. On top of completing interviews, Ani was spending 10-12 hours per week on recruitment.

Excessive complexity:
The implementation process was long and the features were complex leading to inefficiencies for Chinah and their recruitment process.

Inefficient use of multiple systems:
Chinah team was juggling multiple systems to complete their hiring and onboarding process, leading to delays in the hiring funnel.

Comparing our most rich featuresLANDEDOther Applicant Tracking Systems
Top Of Funnel Candidate Sourcing On Job Boards


Top Of Funnel Candidate Sourcing On Social Mediadoneclose
Automated Candidate Engagementdonedone
Automated Interview Schedulingdonedone
Video Interviewdoneclose
Conversationally Intelligent Engagement Managementdoneclose
Live Human Monitoring Of AI Conversationdoneclose
Consulting Servicedoneclose

LANDED vs. Typical Applicant Tracking Systems

Chinah was looking for an all-in-one recruitment solution with an easy implementation process that would save time for hiring managers, allowing them to focus on team development and retention.

Transition to LANDED

To address the challenges and time constraints faced with their previous ATS, Chinah explored LANDED as an alternative solution for overhauling its hiring. LANDED offered technology to improve and streamline Chinah’s recruitment process, from candidate sourcing, vetting, and interview scheduling. LANDED was implemented under one week, proving to be a valuable addition to Chinah's recruitment process, complementing and surpassing the capabilities of their previous ATS.

Value of LANDED

Time savings:
While using their previous ATS, Ani spent 10 to 12 hours per week reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and scheduling. With LANDED, she only spends 20 minutes interviewing each candidate, since LANDED takes over all the vetting, resulting in 8+ hours of time savings per week.

Enhanced efficiency:
LANDED's ability to handle the initial vetting of candidates and interview scheduling allowed Chinah to focus on the other tasks, like retaining and upskilling the current team.

Improved applicant quality:
LANDED has a clear understanding of Chinah's requirements through continued alignment on vetting criteria. The ability to customize vetting requirements results in better-fit candidates, shorter interview sessions, and more hires.

Consolidation of systems:
Previously, Chinah had mulitple systems and Ani was still responsible for sifting through candidates, engaging, vetting and setting up interviews. LANDED allowed Chinah to consolidate their systems, offering an all-in-one recruitment platform that handles sourcing, engaging, and interview scheduling, resulting in time and cost savings for the Chinah team.

“With LANDED, we saw 251% cost savings! Plus, LANDED takes over everything in the hiring funnel from sourcing to vetting to interview scheduling, meaning my team does not need to worry about anything but holding the interview and making the offer.”

Hegel Hei
Hegel Hei
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With LANDED's automation and time-saving features, the Chinah team was able to streamline their recruitment responsibilities, focus on other tasks, and achieve higher efficiency in candidate selection. The intuitive dashboard and continuous support from LANDED's team helped Chinah maximize the platform's potential and achieve desired results in recruitment.

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