Scaling success: How Salted is utilizing LANDED's technology to expand into new markets

The Company

Salted is United States’ largest delivery-first restaurant group! Their most popular brands include Moonbowls and Lulubowls.

Today, Salted operates their brands in 10 states across the country, powered by tech-enabled kitchens and proprietary software.

Salted believes the future of restaurants doesn’t look anything like what we see today. The most successful brands will use technology to power their growth and will develop positive, multi-channel customer relationships that exist primarily outside four walls. Salted turned to LANDED as their one-stop shop for recruiting assistance in 8 out of 10 states.

Take a deeper look at the problems Salted was facing and how LANDED helped resolve them!

What were the biggest pain points for Salted with recruiting and why?

1. Amidst rapid growth, Salted required more resources to accommodate the increased hiring needs

Salted found themselves in a situation where they needed to handle multiple recruitment needs simultaneously, putting a strain on their resources. This resulted in delays, inefficiencies, and difficulties in providing timely solutions to their hiring needs.

2. High turnover across select markets

In the dynamic restaurant industry, turnover rates can often soar, sometimes even reaching a staggering industry average of 120%. Salted, too, faced intermittent spikes in turnover within specific markets. In response to their rapid expansion, Salted sought a solution to effectively address their growing demand for new hires.

3. Balancing competing priorities and emergencies while onboarding an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Salted needed to manage multiple tasks and emergencies while simultaneously implementing a new Applicant Tracking System (ATS), JazzHR. The implementation of the ATS was a crucial step in improving their recruitment process, but it required considerable time and effort. Juggling numerous recruiting responsibilities and urgent matters alongside the ATS onboarding process made it difficult for the Salted team to focus fully on the new system.

Salted case study

1 out of 3
candidates interviewed were hired
more efficient cost per hire
4 hours
from a candidate expressing interest to scheduling an interview
more efficient cost per application

"We're planning on expanding, and we need help with hiring as we enter new markets. LANDED is our full-service recruiting solution."

Annelise Robarge
People Operations Manager

How did LANDED help solve these problems?

1. Provided customizable, tailored support across several markets

With the ability to swiftly adapt to Salted’s needs, LANDED helped fulfill the immediate recruitment requirements for problematic kitchens and provided support for struggling markets. LANDED’s specialized platform, tailored specifically for restaurant and quick-service restaurant (QSR) recruiting, proved to be invaluable in streamlining Salted’s recruitment process. LANDED's recruitment solution was designed to cater to the unique demands of each market, ensuring a customized and effective approach to talent acquisition.

2. Offered a scalable, one-stop shop recruitment solution

LANDED was able to launch recruitment efforts in 8 new kitchens within days, not weeks, and able to generate 47% more efficient time to hire for back of house compared to industry average. LANDED's comprehensive approach to recruitment proved instrumental in managing turnover issues that arose when kitchen managers departed. LANDED knows turnover is a part of the industry, which is why we provide a constant pipeline of candidates to address the unexpected turnover quickly.

3. Integrated seamlessly with existing software

LANDED successfully tackled the client's recruitment hurdles by seamlessly integrating with Salted's existing platforms. Through full integration with JazzHR, Salted's ATS, the need for Kitchen Managers to adopt a completely new system was eliminated. Data and information seamlessly flow between LANDED and JazzHR, allowing kitchen managers to maintain their familiar hiring workflows. This integration not only streamlined the candidate experience but also saved valuable time on candidate engagement for hiring managers.

"We were looking for some sort of resource that we could plug in easily to help us with those kitchens that we were struggling with. We were pushing our capacity with a lot of turnover issues that needed immediate attention. We were looking for a quick one-stop shop for this urgent hiring need and that turned out to be LANDED.”

Annelise Robarge
People Operations Manager

By offering equal attention and support to different regions and markets, LANDED helped Salted overcome the challenge of allocating internal resources amidst competing recruiting demands. LANDED can be implemented within days, rather than weeks, which is the time it takes to get internal recruiters onboarded and ramped up. LANDED's one-stop shop recruitment solution and industry expertise allowed Salted to provide the same attention to recruiting across markets, at scale.

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