Five Guys partners with LANDED to efficiently hire management roles

Headquartered in New York City, Five Guys New York (FGNY) is a leading franchisee of Five Guys restaurants with 54 operating locations. With their recruitment team overwhelmed, FGNY looked for a way to decrease their workload caused by hiring tasks. They partnered with LANDED to automate their recruitment while still delivering strong results from their hiring campaigns

interview attendance rate
management hires in one month
interview-to-hire ratio for management roles
lower cost-per-hire compared to NYC industry average
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With just two members overseeing recruitment functions such as job posting, resume reading and interview scheduling for 54 restaurants and counting, the FGNY team needed a scalable solution to assist their team in the hyper competitive market that is New York City. Traditionally inclined to promote from within, FGNY also encountered difficulties filling critical leadership positions like Shift Leads and Assistant General Managers externally, as external hires often struggled with the unique pressures, volume, and culture of the business.


FGNY partnered with LANDED to automate their hiring and deliver strong pipeline for management external hires. Leveraging LANDED’s Customizable Vetting enabled FGNY to establish stringent vetting criteria at the per store, per location level to ensure  candidates interviewing were strict matches for the roles they advertised. Candidates were meticulously screened for their quick-service restaurant (QSR) experience, longevity with previous employers, and notably, their enthusiasm—a crucial trait for thriving in a high-pressure environment. FGNY utilized LANDED’s Generative AI to conduct initial screenings and scheduled interviews over SMS messaging, enhancing the personalization and efficiency of the recruitment process.


Leveraging LANDED enabled Five Guys New York to rapidly identify qualified management-level talent without active management from their hiring teams. Through our partnership, FGNY made 22 management hires in one month, driving over 66 qualified interviews while spending 57% of what their industry peers allocate to hire the same number of qualified roles.

“Through the combination of LANDED’s data-driven and adaptable system and their caring and collaborative client support team, we have come to rely on them as a true strategic partner in our hiring efforts. Their support has allowed us to drastically reduce the time spent on the administrative aspect of recruitment while simultaneously improving our key hiring metrics. It has truly been a game-changer in the way we approach our hiring.”

Bethany L.
Chief People Officer
Five Guys New York
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