Hiring & Retaining Quality Talent for McDonald’s.
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There is perhaps no restaurant logo more iconic around the globe than the Golden Arches of McDonald’s, and Tomtreyco, one of the fastest growing McDonald’s franchisee groups in the US, has partnered with LANDED to support its ambitions in the talent acquisition front.

Within only two months of our partnership, the results in both hiring the right talent and retaining great talent have been vastly above industry averages. Read more to see how we facilitated such industry benchmarking breaking success for Tomtreyco and helped over 230 candidates get “America’s best first job” at McDonald’s.

Highlight 1: Sourcing Applicants From Over 80+ Recruiting Platforms

In today’s market for hospitality talent, it can be very difficult to scale the necessary volume of candidates needed without investing too much administrative time. This is especially true given the need to juggle various job boards like Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and Craigslist. With LANDED’s support, however, Tomtreyco’s team was able to completely handoff the candidate sourcing process, unlocking their recruiting team and managers from managing individual job postings.

As LANDED handled applicant sourcing across 80+ different platforms, Tomtreyco saw 2,100+ applicants over the past two months—deriving the vast majority of the applicants from organic sourcing without spending additional dollars on candidate acquisition. This healthy top-of-funnel volume enabled LANDED to carefully vet based on each hiring manger’s need exactly.

McDonald’s case study

Over the last two months, LANDED has helped 20 McDonald’s locations achieve:
employees hired
interviews scheduled
higher interview-to-hire ratio compared to industry average
lower turnover rate compared to restaurants without LANDED
more applicants per month compared to pre-LANDED data

Highlight 2: Pre-screening Candidates to Drive Quality & Retention

After sourcing 2,100+ applicants for Tomtreyco within two months, LANDED pre-screened and vetted the applicants down to a qualified pool of ~800 candidates eligible for interviews. As a matter of fact, the entire pre-screening process was automated and handled by LANDED’s generative AI and overseen by our recruiting specialist team—without any involvement from Tomtreyco’s managers.

What does this mean? We delivered an interview-to-hire ratio is 3.5x higher than the industry average, indicating the higher quality of candidates Landed is driving for interviews. Managers are able to make more hires while allocating less time interviewing. Consequently, the retention rate at Tomtreyco’s locations with LANDED has been significantly lower as the new hires are more committed to the role and see themselves growing within the company.

“Since joining LANDED, we have seen a reduction in interview no-shows of 25% and our turnover has reduced by 20%. While these are great improvements, it is all overshadowed by the level of customer service the LANDED team provides! LANDED has become my recruiter and has given me back time in my day while also increasing my application flow.”

Kyle Cano
Director of Operations

Highlight 3: Driving Talent Acquisition Results While Saving GMs Time

The best part of LANDED’s success with Tomtreyco is that, as an end-to-end hiring solution, LANDED drove all the results with very little time invested by Tomtreyco’s store-level managers.

In fact, over the last two months, LANDED’s automated candidate engagement feature has saved each General Manger, on average, 10 hours per week from all activities related to messaging candidates, screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and engaging no-shows.

This valuable time back into the GMs day-to-day has allowed them to focus more on the guest experience and better training of their team— contributing to the lower attrition rates, especially when compared to other Tomtreyco locations without LANDED’s support.

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