Prepared by Conductor AI on 06/26/2024 in accordance with NYC Local Law 144. Valid through 06/25/2025.
Summary of Findings:

The audit results shown below were produced on 06/26/2024, on behalf of LANDED.

As LANDED does not track sex or race data on any applicants within their system, the audit below was performed using test data generated by the independent auditor, Conductor AI.

As part of this audit, LANDED provided a sample of 29k rows to data. Given the data stored by LANDED, it is the opinion of the independent auditor that a test data audit is appropriate. This test data was generated by creating 5,000 applicants for each race/ethnicity category split evenly between male and female, resulting in a dataset of 35,000 applicants. Each applicant was randomly generated a score between 0 and100 using python’s random.uniform function. This test data was then used to perform a “Scoring Rate” assessment.

The median score across the dataset is 50.01

Audit Results

Sex Categories
# Of ApplicantsScoring RateImpact Ratio
Race/Ethnicity Categories
# Of ApplicantsScoring RateImpact Ratio
Hispanic or Latino500050%0.99
Black or African American500051%1.00
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander500050%0.99
Native American or Alaska Native500050%0.98
Two or More Races500050%0.98
Intersectional Categories
SexRace/Ethnicity Categories# Of ApplicantsScoring RateImpact Ratio
Hispanic or LatinoMale250050%0.97
Hispanic or LatinoFemale250051%0.99
Non-Hispanic or LatinoMaleWhite250050%0.96
Non-Hispanic or LatinoMaleBlack or African American250051%1.00
Non-Hispanic or LatinoMaleNative Hawaiian or Pacific Islander250049%0.97
Non-Hispanic or LatinoMaleAsian250050%0.98
Non-Hispanic or LatinoMaleNative American or Alaska Native250049%0.98
Non-Hispanic or LatinoMaleTwo or More Races250049%0.96
Non-Hispanic or LatinoFemaleWhite250051%0.99
Non-Hispanic or LatinoFemaleBlack or African American250050%0.98
Non-Hispanic or LatinoFemaleNative Hawaiian or Pacific Islander250051%0.99
Non-Hispanic or LatinoFemaleAsian250049%0.95
Non-Hispanic or LatinoFemaleNative American or Alaska Native250049%0.99
Non-Hispanic or LatinoFemaleTwo or More Races250049%0.96
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